Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Scene doll

I have my scene doll that is Madison bling bling too.What is freky is that me and Jayda are best friends and that Madison and Barbie are best friend too and me and Jayda like Barbie and Madison.And that my birthstone is pink and Jayda's is white and in myscene bling bling dolls theres a ring that comes with it and its for you. And Barbie's rings white and Madison's is pink.This is a picture ofMadison

The birthday

Today I went to Jayda's birthday party.I didn't know a lot of poeple there.Two poeple were in my artclass.There names were Justine and Page.At the party we wacthed the movie Naira.And we growed plants.It was a lot of fun. I gave her a My Scene doll. She liked my gift the best.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My first podcast

martha's podcasting

This is my first podcast. It's about what happened yesterday and about a contest. Press play on the player to listen. My dad hasn't got it working exactly right but he'll keep trying. Please post a comment.

Listen to the podcast.

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