Sunday, August 06, 2006

My holiday part one

(This post was typed by my dad but I told him what to write)
My holiday in Montana started when we went to the hotel in Billings. We went to a fun place like Ruckers. I went rock climbing and the rest of my family went go-karting. I won a little prize with my tokens. After we went shopping and I got a puppy that grows in water. We went to a restaraunt called the Olive Garden and Emmy had a little crush on the waiter.

On Sunday we first went to Barnes and Noble but it was closed so we went to McDonalds for breakfast. Then we went back to Barnes and Noble I got a really cool book about fashions.
We then drove to Bozeman and went to this shoe store, most of the shoes almost fit me. We had lunch at Pickle Barrel and then left for the mountains. We when were driving to Big Sky, we saw lots of big trees and mountains and ski jumps and a river. When we got to Big Sky, we stayed in a condo and that's where I am now.