Monday, December 15, 2008

My Favorite Book

I really enjoy reading. Reading is one of the things I do to get away from everything else and enjoy a story. I just recently finished a book called "Charlotte in Paris" written by Anna Bryant. It was a good book about a girl who goes to Paris to find her lost cat, kinda silly I know but it was a good book there is other books like this one in the Beacon Street Girls series it might be interesting. But that's not my favorite book, my favorite book is "Boston Jane" by Jennifer L. Holm. It's an adventure of a girl that doesn't fit in and to do that....... well I don't want to spoil the book for you so I want tell you anymore so if you want to know to you need to read the book. If you have read it tell me how you like it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Wordle

This is something I made at I toke all the posts froms my blog and it put the words I use most in bold and the ones that I didn't use all lot small. So if you want to make one go to

My Birthday

I turned ten on Oct 5 this year and I want to tell you about it. These are my friends, but my friend Jayda couldn't make it (because she lives in Montreal). The girl on the left in front is Kaylee. Kaylee is a friend from school she is ten and she loves pets and she is an active fun girl. The girl ahead of her is Megan. I meet Megan at church and in grade 2 she came to our school, she is a passionate artist with silly thoughts. The one ahead of her is Me. Well I am a unique singer who loves to learn and likes politics. On the right is Morgan. I first met Morgan in preschool and we have been friends ever since. Morgan loves to learn as well and loves facts about animals and loves to write. Ahead of her is Kaitlyn. I met Kaitlyn in kindergarden but after grade 3 she moved. Kaitlyn is an crazy and creative girl and she loves monkeys? But then there's my friend Jayda. Jayda is not in this picture but she is her own kind of girl she likes to be differnet, she likes to dance and entertain people.

At my party we started off with eating pizza, cheese and pepperoni ( cheese is my fav!) and then we made rag dolls. Then we made sleepover cupcakes then we watched movies and opened presents. (It was a sleepover.) I had the best birthday ever!

Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing for a while but my dad never told me my password and today he finally set me up again. I'm am so excited to write again. I still hope people still like to listen to it. Yesterday I got a haircut and I'll show you the picture I'm still friends with Jayda, Morgan, and Megan. Guess what Jayda moved to Montreal but she still visits. I can't wait to get more comments and here what you guys have been up to, hope you comment soon bye.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

50 dollar presents

For Christmas I got 50 how did I spend this you ask me I bought "Dream Life Superstar" and a book from Chapters that bookstore/Star bucks. Sweet I know.

Thank you Grandpa Shareski