Saturday, December 06, 2008


I'm so sorry that I haven't been writing for a while but my dad never told me my password and today he finally set me up again. I'm am so excited to write again. I still hope people still like to listen to it. Yesterday I got a haircut and I'll show you the picture I'm still friends with Jayda, Morgan, and Megan. Guess what Jayda moved to Montreal but she still visits. I can't wait to get more comments and here what you guys have been up to, hope you comment soon bye.


Seth Dickens said...

It's a lovely Haircut Martha! Nice style! I'll have to let my daughter, Gaia, who is nearly 4 weeks old see it. She is very hairy for a baby so she'll be interested. You can meet her at her blog here:

Anyhow, make sure your daddy keeps you logged on to your blog. Gaia will be cross with me if I don't help her send another post soon!

All the best and happy Christmas soon!


Moturoa said...

Your Dad should have let you know your own password! He Twittered that you had a blog so that is how I came across your blog.

I live in New Zealand and think your haircut looks good on you. It suits your face.

Allanah K

annelisewojo said...

Hi there, Keep on writing. You will really enjoy looking back later and reading your own work as you grow. Happy Holiday season.
--annelise in Michigan

Harrie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog I really enjoy each of your comments and questions

RCR - "Robbie, Chantal & Rocco" said...

hi Muffin...i love your new haircut....miss you