Saturday, April 01, 2006

My first podcast

martha's podcasting

This is my first podcast. It's about what happened yesterday and about a contest. Press play on the player to listen. My dad hasn't got it working exactly right but he'll keep trying. Please post a comment.

Listen to the podcast.

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alexragone said...

Hi Martha,

Today, I went to the library and walked there and back from my pre-school. The librarian read books to my class. I forgot her name. We read Duck in Truck and some other books, but I forgot them. We also sang some songs.

Thanks for your podcast.

- Elly from New Jersey (5)

Meredith said...

That was pretty cool martha. Maybe next time you can tell A story that you wrote. Heres One thing that happenned to me that was freaky.Kurt and I were on a walk and a skunk came walking by. And We almost got sprayed.

Jen said...

Omgosh you are ADORABLE!! Today I went to school and found out that my class was in the morning and I thought it was last period. SO I basically skipped class...uh oh. Put me in a story!! I'd love it.

Jeanette said...

Way to go Martha!

Today I will be writing my report from a project I had with 6 and 7 th graders. We made a podcast, or actually two! They are the first elementary kids doing a podcast ever in the country. If you like to listen:
Our language is Norwegian, and we are Norwegians.

I really like your podcast, and listening to it gave me I good idea on what me and my kids can do in our easter holiday: We can go see the THE ICE AGE! We love to watch a good movie together.

Maybee that is an idea for you show. Asking kids and parents what their favorite family activity is? Then maybe families would get new ideas of fun things they can do together.

Good luck as a podcaster

Greetings from Norway

Jeanette (:O)- 40)

missn said...

Well Martha,
I just checked out your website and listened to your podcast like I promised I would. Very funny! I also LOVE your art! I would love to hear some of your stories... Maybe you'll have some good ideas for stories after your Easter Break.

Mr. B said...

Martha, Martha,

This is a great website. It is the first time I have ever had a student do something like this, it is very COOL! I always love to hear your stories. I like seeing the work you have done in school on your website. You must have a great teacher and parents to write such good stories.