Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hey I'm back with more. Today it was my friend birthday to day, Happy Birthday Megan. Then we went to chapel, I'm a christan God ROCKS. Then we did other stuff, BORING, then we had gym, we've been learning and learning about volleyball and today we actually played it we sucked nobody could hit the ball it SUCKED. Bye


Shareski said...

So maybe it sucked today but if you keep at it, you'll get better. Do you think Sam could get the ball over the net the first time he played?

Bob said...

Volleyball is probably my favourite game. I coached for many, many years. Some of the girls I coached when they were your age I coached later in their lives, as high school students, and then later as women. Some of them are over 40 years old now, and many of the team get together every 5 years or so and have dinner and tell stories of what it was like to play together. That's one thing I like about school sports. It gives kids a chance to try out different ones and maybe make lifelong friends.