Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Birthday

I turned ten on Oct 5 this year and I want to tell you about it. These are my friends, but my friend Jayda couldn't make it (because she lives in Montreal). The girl on the left in front is Kaylee. Kaylee is a friend from school she is ten and she loves pets and she is an active fun girl. The girl ahead of her is Megan. I meet Megan at church and in grade 2 she came to our school, she is a passionate artist with silly thoughts. The one ahead of her is Me. Well I am a unique singer who loves to learn and likes politics. On the right is Morgan. I first met Morgan in preschool and we have been friends ever since. Morgan loves to learn as well and loves facts about animals and loves to write. Ahead of her is Kaitlyn. I met Kaitlyn in kindergarden but after grade 3 she moved. Kaitlyn is an crazy and creative girl and she loves monkeys? But then there's my friend Jayda. Jayda is not in this picture but she is her own kind of girl she likes to be differnet, she likes to dance and entertain people.

At my party we started off with eating pizza, cheese and pepperoni ( cheese is my fav!) and then we made rag dolls. Then we made sleepover cupcakes then we watched movies and opened presents. (It was a sleepover.) I had the best birthday ever!


Chris Craft said...

Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anne said...

Hi Martha,

I am an edublogger friend of your dad's from Georgia in the United States.

This is a great story. It sounds like you had a terrific birthday! You sure did use good descriptive language to tell about your friends. I got some good pictures in my head. Maybe you will think about posting a picture of your rag doll and give directions for how you made them. I would love to do that with my grandchildren.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories!

Anne Davis